Top 5 Recycling Business Ideas


Wondering how you might be able to make a profit from rubbish clearance and recycling? There are tons of different ways to do that! Here’s a look at the top 5 business ideas for recycling:

  1. Recyclable Waste Collection Centre

Setting up a recycling plant is a time consuming and costly endeavor. The easier (but still profitable) option is to instead start a recycling center. People can drop off their recyclables to you (such as paper, cans, bottles, or anything you choose), and you in turn drop it off to a recycling plant in exchange for cash. You will likely need to offer to do any sorting yourself, in order to maximize the amount of recyclables you receive from people looking for a convenient option.

  1. Plastic recycling

You can recycle a large number of various plastics, and it’s made easier for you by the companies that manufacture plastic items. Most plastic containers have a grade label on them (a triangle with an identifying number/letter combination) to help categorize them. So when you need to separate them in order to properly recycle each type, that step is made easier for you. If done properly, post-consumer plastics can be worth anywhere from $50-480 per ton. Due to the ever-increasing concerns over oil availability, recycling plastics will be a sought after (and profitable) service now, and going into the future.

  1. Electronic Waste and Computer Recycling

Recycling computers and electronic waste is a profitable endeavor because it provides a seemingly endless supply of material for you to work with. Like with the recycling center, the easier option is for you to pay people for unused electronic devices, and then sell them to recyclers.  Computers are great options for recycling because not only do they have great raw base materials to work with, but many of them also still contain reusable parts like CD drives, processors, power supplies, etc. The motherboards also may contain gold, platinum and copper pieces; the motherboards themselves can be sold separately to companies who specialist in processing these elements from them. Tech giant Apple harvested $40 million worth of gold last year from recycled gadgets. Other electronic items which can be recycled include phones, beepers, iPods, tablets, etc.

  1. Cooking Oil Filtration and Recycling

Think outside the box and consider recycling and filtering cooking oil for local restaurants. This practice will actually save restaurants money, so it should be an easy service to market for them. This practice involves filtering waste from used oil and making it reusable. Waste disposal can be a profitable business if you are well-prepared to start it.

  1. Composting

Keep up with the food recycling trend by trying your hand at composting. Composting is an easy and all-natural way to turn food or paper scraps into nutritious, high-quality soil. Once you get the supplies, the composting should be nearly free to do. It just requires time to build up soil which is rich enough to use and to sell. Marketing organic fertilizer to people is sure to be a profitable endeavor. Instead of dumping garden waste in the tip you can start a rubbish removal company and help people get rid of green waste the easy way.

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