Calculation of Payback Period

Payback period is the time that we need to get the return of payback-periodinvestment that can repay the amount of our initial investment. The calculation of payback period is simple. For example, when we invest $7500 in a business that gets $2500 per year, we would have a three year payback period. In calculation of payback period, the time value of money is not taken into account. Payback period is simply being used to measure how long a business takes to pay for itself.

Even though payback period has some limitations, it is being widely used as a method of analysis (especially by people who are running small businesses) because of its simplicity. In any kind of business, shorter payback periods are better than longer payback periods. However, in the calculation of payback period, the time value of money, risk, opportunity cost, financing, or other important considerations are not taken into account.